Bush Determined to Start War With Iran

Seymour Hersh published a devastating disclosure today about a covert program being run from VP Cheney’s office designed to ignite war with Iran.  We know we cannot trust the Vice President with anything important because he and his cabal of neoconservative hawks cooked the intelligence on Iraq through the corrupt folks in Doug Feith’s Pentagon group.  To think he’s running this military/intelligence operation is chilling.

This $400 million project is designed to send American death squads into Iran from Afghanistan to assassinate Iranians, bomb infrastructure and sow discord and create disruption.  To do so we’re funing state sponsors of terror we’ve identified including a group which twice bombed the World Trade Center.  Yes, the same group which included Ramzi Youssef and Khalid Sheik Muhammed.

The point is to goad Iran into taking some action for which George W. Bush can justify war.  This is all reminiscent of the Mexican War.  Back then the U.S. wanted to go to war with Mexico so we could seize what’s now the Southwestern U.S.:  California, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Texas.  We sent our military across the border to pick fights with the Mexicans then when they retaliated we declared war.

Let’s not mince words here, what George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are doing, with the blessing of top Democrats including Jack Murtha, is an act of war against Iran.  We have sent special forces through JSOC into Iran to destabilize the country by joining with minority groups.  Some of these groups we have identified as state sponsors of terror.

We are launching terrorist attacks inside Iran folks.  Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid both approved the operation out of fear of being labeled “soft on terror.”  The Bush campaign of fear mongering in 2004 is still having repercussions as weak kneed Democrats in Congress continue giving this White House unconstitutional expansion of powers.  They have no guts to stand for what is right or what is sane.

An American attack on Iran will make today’s gas prices seem reasonable.  Oil prices would skyrocket if war breaks out and Iran closes the Strait of Hormuz.  Sinking a few ships there would do the job and this is what Iran has repeatedly threatened.  Choke off all oil from the Middle East and you’ll see $10/gallon gas.

All this is designed to thwart an alleged Iranian nuclear program which the National Intelligence Estimate said does not exist.  

This is beyond insane.  Its incredulous that top Democrats would approve the Presidential Finding authorizing this operation and allow the wild ass crazies in Cheney’s office management of the Special Forces.  Of course impeachment of both the President and VP might avert total disaster (assuming President Pelosi comes to her senses).

2 thoughts on “Bush Determined to Start War With Iran”

  1. In a year of change like this, there is no reason why they should be giving in to Republican ground and the political framework of the GOP. No reason. 8 years of a failed, cronyistic Administration, an endless invasion in Iraq and Afghanistan- and they are secretly giving the Bush-McCain regime a blank check to instigate and provoke a murderous assault against the oil-rich country of Iran. The Dems, are displaying their weakness in their ability to translate and reframe the progressive message of sensible and thorough security of America using the incredibly trained talents of law enforcement, adherence to protection of America’s privacy, civil liberties and rights, and harnessing an international coalition to coordinate a human rights and citizen-conscious security strategy similar to how we deal with organized crime. The Congressional senators instead are succumbing to the pressures of the McBush regime and allowing them to go rampant in antagonizing other countries to our detriment. When they start a war with Iran, they will close up the Strait of Furmouz and America will suffer $10 a gallon in gas. This is total foolishness and insolence.

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