Barack has crossed the threshold to become the first African American Democratic Nominee

CNN Projects on Jun. 3rd, 2008 at 9:00pm: Barack Obama has just crossed the threshold and has become the first African American Democratic Nominee to the American presidency. This is absolutely historic. He has just made history and has opened the door to future minorities towards setting their sights on the American presidency. No matter what happens from now on, Barack has marked a milestone and has beaten a powerful dynasty towards the nomination for the most powerful job in the world. Get ready for an onslaughter against the 3rd Bush term policies of McBush. No one thought Obama would actually beat the Clinton machine and get here. Now that he’s here, he has to reunite a party and group/craft the biggest American coalition in history. Will Hillary concede? Will Hillary reject the possible VP slot? We’ll have to wait and see.

4 thoughts on “Barack has crossed the threshold to become the first African American Democratic Nominee”

  1. I don’t understand yet why Barack is considered an African-American (or a black person). He had a white mother from Kansas and a black father from Kenya! He is multi racial and by saying he is black he is ignoring his white heritage, or should I say the media is ignoring it. Is he black because his skin color is dark or because he married an African-American woman? If he had been born light skinned would he then be considered white? I really don’t consider him an African-American. What am I missing here?  I know I will be voting for him, but it will not be an enthusiastic vote and unfortunately I expect him to lose in a landslide. He won’t win any southern states and his perceived race was a big asset to him in the southern states primaries because of their high African-American percentage of voters, but that won’t help him in a general election. Also he is not getting the working class vote. He is really only getting the African-American vote and the elitist,latte drinking Democratic white vote. If he doesn’t figure out a way to get the traditional working class that is the backbone of our party and the country, then this thing will be over. For the sake of our Supreme court, our environment and our countries’ policies I hope he figures it out!  

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