Welcome To Our New Home

As our older readers know The Pennsylvania Progressive is moving due to our being a casualty of the Democratic presidential primary season.  Soapblox is our new home and I am working diligently to build a new blog which will be much nicer, safer, and interactive than our previous incarnations.

I am a writer though, not a programmer.  This is going to take some time as I learn much more html than I ever expected and css along the way.  I hope our new home is finished by the end of the summer.

Feel free to register as a user while you’re here and stop back to check on our progress.

3 thoughts on “Welcome To Our New Home”

  1. Even though your party is!!!!!   BWHAHAHAHAHAAH!!

    sorry, couldnt resist.  

    i hate to say it…it pains me to say it…but i missed you guys.  the political scene just wasnt the same.  

    best of luck with this.

    have a great day :)

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