Scott McClellan Gets Religion

Former White House mouthpiece Scott McClellan has written a book which is causing great angst among neoconservatives because he outed their propaganda campaign against the American people.  There is nothing new in this book, nothing many of us didn’t already know.  We’ve been writing about all the lies perpetrated by the Bush Administration for years.  This is why Karl Rove accused McClellan of “being a left wing blogger.”

The only news here is that Scott McClellan has “gotten religion.”  Being subjected to the treachery of his own colleagues in the Valerie Plame/Joe Wilson scandal, whatever shred of credibility he had left with the media corps disappeared and he resigned.

I wrote an article back then reminding everyone about Scott McClellan’s being a serial liar.  He lied about this war and much else from the White House podium.  He lied without regard to ethics, consequences or ethics.  His lies cost lives.

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I do not welcome his sudden conversion to “truth.”  he was one of those deeply involved in the propaganda campaign he now condemns.  He was a central figure conveying the lies he now exposes.  In fact, that was his job.

He did it so badly a diarist at Daily Kos called karateexplosions mocked his daily press conferences.  We all knew Scott McClellan was lying his arse off so why didn’t he?  Of course he did.  No one is that stupid.  Scott McClellan was a willing and full participant in the effort to lie America into war.

I will not buy his book just because he’s suddenly awakened and realized the consequences of his actions.

Meanwhile the lies continue.  I watched John McCain say that every intelligence agency in the world thought Saddam Hussein had wmd’s.  That is a bald faced lie.  It is one of the oft repeated untruths made over and over in an attempt to convince Americans it is true.  It is not.  This is a much more serious misstatement than saying one was open to sniper fire in Bosnia or that one’s uncle liberated Auschwitz.  This lie has cost tens of thousands of lives and its perpetuation will cost more.

John McCain, if you wish to become President it is time to stop lying to America about weapons of mass destruction.

9 thoughts on “Scott McClellan Gets Religion”

  1. because he got a book deal .. besides .. there is nothing new in his book .. everyone but the 28%’ers know everything already .. we know the WH lied .. we know what scumbags Turdblossom and Darth Cheney are … is impeachment still off the table Madam Speaker?

    1. how did BushCo. cower it in the first place? .. Have you been watching any of the news?  Charlie Gibson and Brian Williams(a self confessed Dittohead) said they did nothing wrong .. McClellan is saying that the press rolled over for Bush ..  not exactly something a “liberal” media would do

    2. was a liar when he was shilling and lying for Bush in the WH.  Now he refuses to apologize for that saying he was “caught in the bubble” and caught up in the partisan gamesmanship.  Those aren’t valid excuses for lying the country into war Scott McClellan.

      The story here is only that this man got burned by those he trusted even when he knew they couldn’t be trusted, then he writes a tell all to get even.  Rove and Libby should have considered this consequence when they hung Scotty out to dry.

  2. Let’s see if i got this straight….Scott bashes the press and ITS FRONT PAGE NEWS!!!  He has seen the light!!  He’s got religion!!! The big 3 are already lining up interviews!!

    Prior to him, Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer pens a book, which doesnt attack the president and you would think he was a ugly missing person…ie, no press coverage, no interviews, no massive in depth analysis of HIS book.

    Me thinks this is David Brock all over again…his books never got the light of day when he was penning negative stories about anyone to the left of Specter (arlen, not phil) but once he came out…as a liberal, that is…then the press couldnt put his mug on tv and the front page fast enough.

    Think Dixie Chicks, think McCain prior to this year…you want POSITIVE coverage from the main stream press like CNN, ABC, NYT, NBC, CBS et al…all you need to do is bash the president. Heck, you’ll get an emmy, oscar, tony, peabody, cma, grammy, nobel prize, etc.

    Total non story here John.

    Have a great day  :)

    p.s. Glad to have you back.

    1. recently named the 50 most influential U.S. media people and almost all were radical, extreme Republicans.  It’s time for right wingers to stop shedding tears over the “liberal media.”  Haven’t they heard of Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, Bill O’Reilly, Brit Hume, CNN (quite conservative) and Sean Hannity?

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