Rules Committee

The DNC Rules Committee meets today amid rallies supporting Hillary Clinton which were organized by her campaign.  The idea is to put pressure on members of the Rules Committee to ignore the fact Florida and Michigan violated the Party’s rules.

What are for anyway?  If anyone can choose to ignore rules what do we end up with?  Let me remind you:  George W. Bush.

The President violated rules and laws to get elected in 2000 and has chosen to put himself and his top advisors above the law.  Congress, of course, has allowed them to do so by refusing to impeach.What we have now is an all powerful Chief Executive who thinks he can completely pervert the constitution, and has.

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I support Hillary Clinton and believe she would be the stronger candidate and a very good President.  I have serious reservations about Barack Obama after covering the Pennsylvania primary.  Yesterday’s video footage showing more outrageous conduct inside his church makes me concerned voters won’t support him in November.

The mean spirited, intolerant mocking of Hillary Clinton by a Roman Catholic priest whose parish has been the recipient of Obama largesse undermines his claims to end politics as usual.  It continues to raise the specter of Rev. Wright.

Regardless rules are rules.  Florida and Michigan’s state legislators disenfranchised their voters by moving their elections in violation of the rules.  I don’t think voters in these two states are so stupid as to blame the Democratic nominee for these mistakes come November.  If they do it is our fault for not reminding them exactly what transpired.

The argument about disenfranchising primary voters is ridiculous.  Every four years millions of primary voters are disenfranchised when a nominee clinches early.  In fact this is why the rush was on to move primaries this year.  People in these states were fed up with not having a say in the nominating process.

Hillary Clinton thought she’d have the nomination sewed up on February 5th.  Had that happened we wouldn’t be hearing all this new talk about the need to not disenfranchise primary voters.  She’s have been all too happy to do so.  This discussion is demeaning and disingenuous.  It’s politics however.

What this really points out is the need to reorganize our primary process and have four monthly primaries which rotate every presidential election year.  I don’t really care if Iowa and New Hampshire get their knickers out of kilter because the country is more important than two small, white, rural bailiwicks which have provided us with loser after loser every four years.

The threat to take this fight to the convention demeans Hillary Clinton and the valiant and impressive effort she has sustained for the nomination.  I grew to like and respect her while covering her events and working with her staff (all but one local organizer who shall remain nameless).  Millions of Americans, especially women, have been empowered and inspired by Hillary.  Don’t risk it all with a quixotic quest to the Credentials Committee and a floor fight.  The Party and the country cannot afford that at this crucial juncture.

Hillary, you fought the good fight and waged a good campaign.  It’s time to leave with grace.

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