We’ve been making progress towards a grand new relaunching of the blog.  I still have to import the old content from Typepad and get the header (being designed) and footers.  The blogrolls are done (let me know if any of the links aren’t working) and the site traffic reporting is transferred.  I have some pages written for “contact us” and “FAQ” but they aren’t uploaded yet so bear with us while we complete the site.

There will be gradual improvements as we go along but the writers seem hungry to get going again.

It’s been a long hiatus for all of us, about six weeks so far.  A lot has happened, a lot of articles not written and a lot of comments and feedback missed to those articles.  We missed you too.

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It’ll be impossible to cover everything that’s happened while we were away so I won’t even try.  We’ll pick up where we are and reference events from these weeks as we go along.

Congratulations go out to Keystone Politics, selected as the credentialed bloggers to be embedded with the Pennsylvania delegation to the Democratic National Convention in August.  I had also applied but having the blog shut down four days before the selection day doomed our chances.  This was of the really unfortunate consequences of the action taken against me.

I very much missed writing.  My routine is to spend my morning reading the newspaper then writing until noonish.  It’s been very strange not writing every morning.  I have done some reading and I’ll do a few book reviews as we gear back up.  I also got some kayaking but missed covering numerous campaign events.  Please put us back on your press release lists if you removed us.

Also, please update your links and blogrolls if you have been linking to The Pennsylvania Progressive.  One advantage to our new site is that is now our OFFICIAL domain name.  Before it was set up as a silent forward to the Typepad blog.

6 thoughts on “Progress”

  1. I think the new format is going to be great.  We’re still working on the header and footer and I’ll have Click to Blue ads set up by the end of the week.  I also wrote the FAQ and contact pages and need to upload them.

    Gmail won’t let me respond to any emails today as I hit my limit so please bear with me if you responded.  It also wasn’t allowing me to use the bcc function-too many addresses perhaps.

  2. There is some content.  Keep it up, John and the rest of the posters!!  I’ll have to check every day now.

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