Dog and Pony Shows

John McCain is reminding voters that his likely opponent Barack Obama hasn’t visited Iraq in quite some time.  The Republican warmonger even is reciting the exact number of days it’s been-871 or something.

All the trips John McCain and other lawmakers have taken have done nothing to make us or the Iraqi people safer.  In fact they endanger our troops because they are diverted from real missions to provide security for these dog and pony shows produced and orchestrated by The Pentagon.

McCain, Obama and all the other officials spirited into the Green Zone are given glimpses only of what the White House and its sycophant generals wish them to see.  These are dog and pony shows which even those involved with have so described.

Why this political posturing by John McCain?  This is the fool who actually tried to visit a Baghdad market without wearing body armor.  It took 100 soldiers, several helicopter gunships and other heavy security to afford him one stupid photo opportunity.

We don’t need more stupid, counterproductive visits to Iraq by candidates.

One thought on “Dog and Pony Shows”

  1. but Jim Webb .. the VA Senator and former Marine .. has previously said he doesn’t think there is much use in going … because they are in fact dog and pony shows .. after all .. we remember John McCain’s stroll through that Baghdad market with HoJo and Lindsey Graham(Mini-me)

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